The hidden, obvious, peculiar, fatal, omnipresent bias of American mainstream media concerning US foreign policy

Diese Aussage stammt aus dem Anti-Empire Report #108 von William Blum, einem „author, historian, and U.S. foreign policy critic“.

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Long before the Soviet Union broke up, a group of Russian writers touring the United States were astonished to find, after reading the newspapers and watching television, that almost all the opinions on all the vital issues were the same. ‘In our country,’ said one of them, ‘to get that result we have a dictatorship. We imprison people. We tear out their fingernails. Here you have none of that. How do you do it? What’s the secret?’

John Pilger, New Statesman (London), February 19, 2001

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Dustin Snyder fragt sich:

There are more than 1,400 daily newspapers in the United States. Can you name a single paper, or a single TV network, that was unequivocally opposed to the American wars carried out against Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Panama, Grenada, and Vietnam? Or even opposed to any two of these wars? How about one? (I’ve been asking this question for years and so far I’ve gotten only one answer — Someone told me that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer had unequivocally opposed the invasion of Iraq. Can anyone verify that or name another case?)